Junior Varsity Dance, Varsity Dance · Dance Team Tryout Packet & Updates!

We are FINALLY getting closer to having a team again! Wahoo! To ensure you are receiving all tryout information, utilize this list:

  1. Please fill out this Google Form click this link.  This was originally sent out on 5/26, so many of you have already done this.  This gives us your contact information and ensures you will be notified of future updates.
  2. Read through our tryout packet (click here).  This was released on 6/15 and contains all the details of tryouts.  I would encourage you to read through this packet with your dancer/parent so that everyone is on the same page.  This contains a timeline for our tryouts, COVID safety information, and judges score sheets.

If you are interested in summer “conditioning” or working on your technique – please join Google Classroom code 3pkmjiv.  You can send in videos and coaches will give you feedback.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are more than happy to answer quetstions!  Thank you for your interest in SMNW Dance Teams.

Head/Varsity Coach Kelsi Horner at nwhorner@smsd.org
Assistant/JV Coach Ciara Walahoski ciarawalahoski@smsd.org

Frequently Asked Questions About Dance Team Tryouts

  • Will I have enough time to learn the material on my own?
    • The routine we are using this year is far shorter than what we normally use.  We normally have two 1:10 routines plus technique.  This year we have one 0:40 jazz routine plus technique.
  • What all will I perform at tryouts?
    • 40 second jazz routine
    • technique portion – specific elements will be posted on July 1st.  You can expect pirouettes, second turns, straight leaps, attitude/calypso leap, toe touch, standing kicks, and leaps of choice.  If you are concerned about these items, I would recommend joining our Google Classroom (code 3pkmjiv) as there are instructional videos and we are more than happy to give you feedback.
  • Are we not using flags at all or just in tryouts?
    • As of right now the plan is to simply not use them during tryouts since people do not have extra flags laying around at home.  We are still planning on having a marching show, but everything is subject to change based on health recommendations.
  • Is there specific attire we must wear for tryouts?
    •  The more detailed answer for that is contained in our tryout informational packet- I would encourage you to take a look.  A plain, black (dark if need be) short sleeved shirt and black shorts.  Dance shoes or tennis shoes.  Hair cleanly pulled back.  No need for makeup as it will be July and you will sweat it all off!
  • Can I participate in other activities/sports while on dance team.
    • Yes! Understand that while it is most definitely possible, there will inevitably be conflicts.  It is up to you to communicate with all coaches/sponsors involved. We are happy to help facilitate this!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dance Team

  • Why should I join dance team?
    • One class period dedicated to dance
    • Dance with your friends
    • Perform at soccer, football, and basketball games, pep assemblies, and parades
    • Great way to get involved at SMNW
    • Gain leadership opportunities
    • Opportunity for team work and community service
    • Be a part of a team starting the first day of school!
  • Is dance experience required?
    • Dance experience is not required however it is recommended.
  • Is dance team a full year commitment?
    • Yes! Having dance team last a full year allows us to minimize outside of class time, allowing students to still participate in other activities (like sports or studio dance!). We take breaks throughout the year and use our time efficiently! 
  • Can I do dance team and my studio dance at the same time?
    • YES! We understand the importance of studio dance and do our best to be flexible with those schedules.  We do our best to keep practices limited to before school/during first hour.  If we have after school practices, you are given advanced notice.  As long as you are willing to compromise, so are we! 
  • How do I tryout?
    • Fill out this Google Form.  This will ensure that you receive tryout updates via email.  It will also ensure that you receive tryout materials on July 1st.
    • Candidates will learn a jazz dance routine and a technique portion. You will learn the materials at home on your own time.
  • What is the tryout clinic?
    • New this year (due to COVID) students will be given tryout materials on July 1st.  Students will learn the tryout materials at on home on their own time.
    • On July 6th (Monday, 5:00 – 7:00 PM), we will host an optional tryout clinic to teach the material as if it was new (students will be sent the materials on July 1st).  On July 7th (Tuesday, 4:00 – 7:00 PM) we will host a tryout clinic outside on the turf to answer questions and to help perfect your routine prior to your tryout. We will likely host two sessions (4:00 – 5:20, 5:40 – 7:00) to help spread out bodies.   Again the expectation is you will have learned materials prior to the tryout clinic on Tuesday.
  • What happens at tryouts?
    • On July 8th (Wednesday, 4:00 – 7:00 PM) we will have our tryout outside and on the turf. Students will be given a report time and will have approximately 10-15 minutes to warm up and will tryout in front of coaches and judges. (Judges may or may not be in person depending on health regulations/the number of bodies allowed on campus)
  • Other questions?
  • Reach out to Coach Horner at nwhorner@smsd.org